Ferguson on NPP

For anyone who wants to hear Sinclair Ferguson’s take on the New Perspective(s) on Paul you can download an MP3 file from here. You might have to be quick though. There is a rumour that it will disappear before the end of the month. (I can’t see a link to it on the host church website.)

Ferguson on NPP

2 thoughts on “Ferguson on NPP

  1. Stephen says:

    Yes. I listened to it in the car and late one night. I need to listen again, if I get the time.

    Apart from the funny bits, I remember him remarking on his feelings when asked by someone about the NPP: “I wish people understood the Old Perspective on Paul” (my paraphrase). His gentle hint is that the though many of us consider themselves “Reformed” and/or “Evangelical” we don’t understand what it was really about. The rise of the NPP has therefore presented (old-school) evangelicalism with a problem it is ill-equipped to handle.

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