It’s been pretty mad last week.

It has been Carnival Week in Little Eaton. This is the big village event of the year. The weekday evenings are filled with events:

  • Monday – five-aside football tournament for the kids.

  • Wednesday – Duck race. (Hundreds of people buy a plastic duck with a number on it. There are a number of heats with 50 ducks in each. The race commences when the ducks are chucked into the brook at one end of the village. Everyone waits for the ducks to arrive at the other end. It’s very silly, kids love it. There is even a sad individual who does a running commentary. There is a prize and some people get very wet.)
  • Thursday: Wild, wet ‘n’ Whacky. A cray It’s-a-Knockout kind of competition. 30 teams of 8 kids. Everyone gets wet, even the adult supervisors and scorers.

Here are some pics from Wild, Wet ‘n’ Whacky…

Close-up. Kate in white, blindfolded carrying a tray of cups of water. Wet…

On Saturday afternoon there is a procession with floats and lots of dressing up. Then there are races, competitions, games, rides on the park etc. Unfortunately it had been raining, but it didn’t put people off.

Scarey Man…

Marching band (Check those outfits. Nice.)…

Carnival Queen’s float, with attendants. Kate was on there somewhere…

Snow White Float (does the driver know where he’s going?)

Finally, a sign from a stall…

Children may be cheaper, but I would imagine they are harder to throw.


2 thoughts on “Carnival

  1. Barb says:

    Thanx for the pics! So, this is my homeland…the lowlands of scotland? Someday, I shall visit. Someday.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Barb
    I’m afraid I’m an exile in England now, so this is just south of the Peak District in Derbyshire. My daughter, who was born here, speaks with one of those strange English accents, and supports the England football team. Oh, the shame…

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